Oriental Trail offers a wide range of accessories such as tapestries, guest towels, carpets, and Pashmina scarves.

The exquisite Pashmina Shawls of India are spun from the silky fleece of the Himalayan mountain goat. These special "Shawl Goats" are domesticated and only the finest wool shorn from the portion lying between the under-neck and the under-belly is used to fabricate these delicate Pashmina Shawls.

"Pashm" is the Persian word for wool and this fabric woven from the finest Pashm came to be known as Pashmina throughout the world.

Over the centuries, weavers have evolved the Pashmina Shawl into a magnificent piece of art, to be cherished and treasured. Using special dyes, designs, textures, embroidery and embellishment, these hand crafted shawls are truly masterpieces of the rich Indian ethos.