Oriental Trail offers an eclectic collection of soft furnishings such as bed linen, table linen, cushion covers, window dressings, furnishing yardages and accent accessories.

Our product portfolio of natural fabrics sourced from different parts of India includes a wide spectrum from luxurious silks, eco friendly linens, alluring cottons and soft mellow dobby’s to sheer organza’s, regal jacquards and opulent brocades.

Diverse surface ornamentation techniques enhance the visual appeal of these fabrics. Traditional forms of vegetable dye, tie-dye and handcrafted embroidery by highly skilled artisans as well as the current concept of computer embroidery are used with deft intricacy.

We take great pride in creating opportunities for employment & growth by empowering rural women trained by Belgian Missionaries in embroidery and lace making.

Our stringent quality control norms ensure uncompromising quality and workmanship, bringing you impeccably finished products at affordable prices in designs that will satisfy your aspirations and requirements.